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SUUNTO Mini Movestick

Training is used to track the movestick the Suunto t3, t4, M4 and M5 clocks computer transfer tool. Movescount the online training program to use design.

SUUNTO Mini Movestick

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SUUNTO mini Movestick

The Movestick you can share your experiences with the Movescount.com to:

  • Daily training management
  • Detailed analysis of the edzésmunkád
  • Summaries, Training aims to achieve
  • This provides an opportunity to share edzésútvonalaidat, photos and videos.
  • Or follow, or get feedback from other user from movescount in
  • You can enter the Suunto Movescount n-workouts developed csopotos
  • Find new routes to explore subtitle
  • PC and MAC compatible

The Movestick can download training data Suunto T3D, T4d, M4 and M5 Quest:

  • ANT secure digital transmission technology
  • USB connection, no batteries, cables
  • Reception range up to 10 meters

INSTALLING A MOVESLINK visit www.movescount.com / moveslink page.
Moveslink you install the Do not connect!
Download, install and activate the software Moveslink.
The Moveslink activity icon.
The Moveslink the following system:
PC: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Mac: Intel-based 10.5 or later, OS X running.

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